As a business owner, it’s difficult to determine which cybersecurity solutions are essential for your small business. Many IT providers make cybersecurity overly complicated, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Our approach is to educate the community on cybersecurity, so you can make an informed decision for your business. 

Our Executive’s Guide to Cybersecurity provides a breakdown of the threats your business may face and which cybersecurity layers can address each one. We kept it short because we know you’re busy. Once you know which layers are recommended and why, it’s important to consider the three primary factors an IT company should evaluate when choosing the right fit for each layer: effectiveness, user impact, and price. 


Effectiveness is the most important aspect to consider. Is the layer effective at doing what it’s supposed to do? For instance, does the spam filtering service catch spam at an acceptable rate? Here is a good example of this: Microsoft 365 has built-in spam filtering, so why would a business invest in additional spam filtering? 

The answer is effectiveness. 

The built-in spam filtering does stop some spam, but not at a rate that your IT provider is comfortable with. That is why they recommend an additional layer of protection. It’s not to sell another service, it’s because it is their job to protect your business. At Atekro we recommend and review these layers to ensure they are updated with the latest cybersecurity trends. 

User Impact 

User productivity is also important. A layer that causes many roadblocks that slow your users down and ultimately cost more money than not having the layers in place at all is not helpful. A good IT provider must evaluate the user impact. Multi-factor authentication is a layer that requires a second form of authentication to gain access to an account, which can be cumbersome for the end user. However, it’s an important layer, and we identify 2 ways to make it easier for our clients. 

Firstly, use an Authenticator app that sends a push notification to your phone. No need to remember and type in a code. Secondly, we automatically set devices you frequently use to log in as safe devices. This limits the prompts for a second form of authentication. 


Price is another important factor. When evaluating the best cybersecurity package for our clients, we must ensure the price is affordable. Ensuring that our clients can afford our recommendations is critical, because affordable and implemented is better than expensive and avoided. 

In conclusion, we take cybersecurity seriously, and we’re eager to help you protect your business. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to check out our Executive’s Guide to Cybersecurity and reach out to our team.

We would be happy to provide an evaluation of cybersecurity at your business and review these three important factors to ensure you’re in the best possible situation. 

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